Healing of The Heart: Why I did It?

This is a new brand podcast about overcoming shame and deep unbelief, about myself, after becoming a teen mom. The shame and doubt I carried for a long time. And then, then my heart was healed. The journey, the providence, the triumph!

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"The Road to Healing"

Sunday Apr 14, 2024

Sunday Apr 14, 2024

The road to healing looks different for everyone. “In this world, you will have trouble” John 16:33. We will all have suffering; but how we respond to suffering is a choice- Yes! In this episode, I talk with my best friend, a lawyer turned sound healer, as he talks about his journey to healing as he recognized his true self, and true gifts, from his suffering; and how he is helping others to on their journey to healing. Join us as we continue to embrace the possibilities.

"Why Your Story Matters!"

Sunday Mar 03, 2024

Sunday Mar 03, 2024

"Unknown yet fully known." There are so many "things" that happen in our lives-- existential circumstances that can cause you to feel like your story does not matter. People who come in the form of antagonists cause a great deal of harm (lots of traumas) social conditions, broken dreams, and the list is endless. This podcast begins to identify these "things" (Call them out) that have been sent and to try and seal the message that you do not matter. In this episode, we continue to allow the "first rain" to pour on these hard places so that that "latter rain" will come and cause to bear fruit--- that Your Story Matters!" Join us as we continue to embrace the possibilities.

Sunday Feb 25, 2024

"When we stop re-reading the last chapter of our life, we leave room to write a new one." People who did not finish their stories can be lessons for us. Lessons about many things--but maybe lessons about faith and what the external and the impermanent things of life do to impact us finishing our story.
Join us as we embrace the possibilities.

Sunday Jul 30, 2023

The start of the school year can be a challenging one for many mothers. I can feel anxiety by the end of July, usually. Especially when other moms are saying “oh I’m done with shopping.” Listen  to a conversation I had with a mom, wife, and educator, Yolanda Dugue.
We talk about  how to set yourself and your children up for success,  mothers managing their emotions, and helping their  children manage their expectations and emotions.

Sunday Jul 16, 2023

This episode continues to connect with women from different parts of the world sharing and connecting with their stories about how they lost their voice; and how it is redeemed!
 The author a psychotherapist and survivor who knows this firsthand, talks with another woman, a single mom, and new author, from Nashville, Tennessee.  

Monday Jul 03, 2023

This podcast is for women who have suffered from poor self-esteem all of their lives and want to do something about it. This podcast shares the real-life experiences of professional women who have gone through therapy or doing the work in their lives that have changed the imprints of negative childhood and discovered their real voice instead of the voice of their influencers. The author, a psychotherapist, and survivor know all too well!

Sunday May 21, 2023

"I can't take one more thing." Have you said that lately or anytime this year? This episode is like the "rubber hits the road." This community discussed issues women face in their daily living as well as social conditions that cause us not to want to even get out of bed most mornings. We looked at ways to live daily with hope and support our children and each other.

Saturday May 06, 2023

Women have been oppressed from the beginning of time, particularly women of colour. This episode looks at the historical oppression of women of colour, by their counterparts, in the social, economic, and political contexts, how it shows up today; and how to have a voice to make a change 

Saturday Apr 22, 2023

This show looks at the “self” at different stages of life and life transitions. While contemplating factors such as culture and environments where lack of communication and proper emotional display inhibits proper social and emotional development. Why?
To gain understanding on how and why there is a silent arrangement to repeat unhealthy communication patterns,  negative relationships, and have difficulty navigating change leading to diminished mental health.
More importantly, begin to rediscover oneself and find more aligned options for self improvement.

Gratitude Changes Everything!

Saturday Mar 11, 2023

Saturday Mar 11, 2023

Gratitude! The “elixir” for your mental health and overall well-being. Listen to learn the important history behind this practice, real life stories of gratitude, and the practical benefits of gratitude. 


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